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Re: [HTCondor-users] why condor_q returns very slow with SOAP API?


did you get any feedback on this ? I am not a specialist but some rule of thumbs do apply.

Is the commandline version of 'condor -q' as slow as the soap api version ?

The condor_q command is running against the scheduler, not the negotiator, hence you have to look at the hardware you got that running on.

You can in general speed up the behaviour of the schedd by putting the spool dir on a SSD disk. The process as such is single threaded and not CPU bound. In terms of memory you schould calculate 1MB per running job and 50kb per waiting job the memory footprint actually got smaller over the years but you are on the safe side if you stick to these numbers.

40k jobs for one scheduler may be in general a bit too much and you should think about putting another scheduler online ....

If there is a significant difference between 'native' condor_q and soap api version I am the wrong person to ask unfortunately :(


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Gesendet: Montag, 28. Mai 2018 02:30:14
Betreff: [HTCondor-users] why condor_q returns very slow with SOAP API?

    I have build a 1000 node system with htcondor 8.4.9.The system use SOAP API  for submitting and querying the jobs.It works well,except that condor_q function returns very slow.The condor_q function returns About 40000 jobs(completed jobs and running jobs) infomation,uses about 240 seconds.The Center Node runs Collector and Negotiator is a server which has 64GB DRAM and 500GB hard disk, Xeon 2605v4 CPU.
   I wondor why  condor_q return so slow with SOAP API?And Is there any solution speed up the function?
Thanks very much.


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