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[HTCondor-users] Not enough jobs to fill batch (submitter limit exceeded)


I'm trying to figure out why our negotiator is not able to schedule sufficient number of jobs and "Rejected" messages in NegotiatorLog file tells me "submitter limit exceeded". Could this be caused by worker node "SLOT_WEIGHT = Cpus * ScalingFactorHEPSPEC06" which averages to ~ 10 and
negotiator "NEGOTIATOR_USE_SLOT_WEIGHTS = True"? I was trying to look what comes in Matchmaker::SubmitterLimitPermits and numbers seemed to me a bit suspicious with respect to average match_cost ~ 10 (slot weight).

I'm using HTCondor to 8.7.8, with older releases negotiator was able to fill all batch slots, but I also made a lot of changes in our HTCondor configuration (including changes in SLOT_WEIGHT expression that was ~ 1 in the past) and it is most probably issue with our configuration (and not effect of HTCondor update).