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Re: [HTCondor-users] Submit-specified Singularity bind paths?

Wow, thatâs a great idea! Thanks!

I need to remind myself to remember what you can do with an expression, like Brian Bockelman's RequestCpus expression for dynamic job sizing.

This can also select different lists of bind mounts for different types of containers with a regexp against SingularityImage, or adjust the list based on which machine the job lands on, etc.

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This seems to work for additional user specified bind paths:

SINGULARITY_BIND_EXPR = ifThenElse(isUndefined(TARGET.SingularityBind), \
           $(SINGULARITY_BIND_BASE), \
           join(",", $(SINGULARITY_BIND_BASE), TARGET.SingularityBind))

where the submit file adds an optional new attribute SingularityBind e.g.

queue 1

Though there is probably a better of writing this configuration.