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[HTCondor-users] job transform: change requirement condition?

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to 'transform' one condition in a job's requirements

E.g., a job comes with
  requirements = (Arch == "INTEL" && OpSysAndVer == "SL6")
just copying the requirements and resetting one of the conditions [1]
stalls with the old and new OpSysAndVer excluding each other in the
extended requirement.
An eval_set [2] has no effect, as its not a job class ad and as I would
have to manipulate the requirement ad.

So, I am wonder how I can realize a transform
  requirements = (Arch == "INTEL" && ... && OpSysAndVer == "SL6")
--> transform --> magic -->
  requirements = (Arch == "INTEL" && ... && OpSysAndVer == "CentOS7")
(probably parsing the requirement as string??)

Cheers and thanks for ideas,

copy_Requirements = "BaseRequirements_FOO";
set_Requirements = BaseRequirements_FOO && OpSysAndVer == "CentOS7";

eval_set_OpSysAndVer = ifThenElse(OpSysAndVer == "SL6", "CentOS7");

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