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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor_ssh_to_job not working with Shared Port across WAN

On 10/11/2018 3:48 PM, Edgar M Fajardo Hernandez wrote:
>> It would seem to me the starter is not aware that the Submit host is 
>> in the shared Port since it is trying to connect back to it on the 
>> ephemeral ports rather than on the Shared Port port 9615
>> Condor_Tail shows similar error:
>> [1327] dantrim@uclhc-1 ~$ condor_tail -debug 856006.142
>> 10/10/18 13:27:22 Requesting GoAhead from the transfer queue manager.
>> 10/10/18 13:27:22 Received GoAhead from the transfer queue manager.
>> 10/10/18 13:27:22 CCBClient: received failure message from CCB server 
>> collector[--1]-9647 
>> in response to request for reversed connection to starter at 
>> <>: failed to connect
>> 10/10/18 13:27:22 Failed to reverse connect to starter at 
>> <> via CCB.
>> Failed to peek at file from starter: Failed to connect to starter
>> However it works when I run it as root:
>> Any ideas here to try?


My guess is you are encountering the same issue as back in Feb.

Refer to 


for solutions.

Best regards,