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Re: [HTCondor-users] append_files for stdout/err in local universe

apache has the notion of piped logs 

can condor do something similar (I'm guessing no) ?

On 09/20/2018 04:14 PM, Stuart Anderson wrote:
>> On Sep 20, 2018, at 2:55 PM, Todd L Miller <tlmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I'm curious why the append_files directive [0], which would apparently
>>> allow me to configure the log files to be appended instead of
>>> overwritten, is only available in the standard universe.  Why isn't this
>>> available in the local universe?
>> 	Because we don't control the job's file i/o in any universe except standard.  (The manual doesn't explicitly state it, but append_files applies to any file the job opens, not just the files that HTCondor opens on the job's behalf, like the standard out and error logs.)
> But Condor does control opening $(output) and $(error) in all universes, which I think is the original use case in this thread?
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