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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_annex segmentation fault in version 8.8.1

Hi Todd,

I attach the AnnexLog from the Starting Up.Â

The AnnexGahpLog just shows for the last try:

04/01/19 09:51:58 EC2 GAHP initialized
04/01/19 09:51:58 EOF reached on pipe 0
04/01/19 09:51:58 stdin buffer closed, exiting

And AnnexAuditLog:

04/01/19 09:51:56 (pid:1130389) (cid:63274) condor_annex -count 2 -annex-name pic_annex

A core file of 1.7 M was also generated.

Thank you very much.



On Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 19:50, Todd L Miller <tlmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The problem is that we got a Segmentation Fault error, and we would like to
> tell you what we have done so you can track the problem.

    Sorry about that, and thanks for the bug report.

> 03/29/19 15:47:08 GAHP server pid = 850285
> Caught signal 11: si_code=2, si_pid=17687328, si_uid=0, si_addr=0x10DE320
> Stack dump for process 850280 at timestamp 1553870828 (4 frames)
> /usr/lib64/libcondor_utils_8_8_1.so(dprintf_dump_stack+0x24)[0x7f4d05595724]
> /usr/lib64/libcondor_utils_8_8_1.so(_Z17unix_sig_coredumpiP9siginfo_tPv+0x69)[0x7f4d0572db89]
> /usr/lib64/libpthread.so.0(+0xf5d0)[0x7f4d03a645d0]
> [0x10de320]

    Could you send the rest of this stack trace?

> Thus, after seeing this, we updated the condor version to 8.9.0 and
> reproduce the same steps, then, there are no more segfault errors.

    Thanks for checking that.

- ToddM
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