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[HTCondor-users] transfer_input_files, arguments......executable not transferred

Hi !

I have a single executable (sdfgen.sh) that I'd like to run in thousands of times with different input files and parameters. I found the submit file example below, where one lists the input files and parameters in a text file and gives that as a parameter to the Queue "command".

Everything seems to work fine, except that the executable itself is not transferred, even if I add the transfer_executable=true line into my sub file.

The submitted jobs get started apparently with the right parameter set but are all put in 'Hold' with the following message:

044.000:  Request is held.

Hold reason: Error from slot1@scorpio005: Error running docker job: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:344: starting container process caused 'exec: \'./sdfgen.sh\': stat ./sdfgen.sh: no such file or directory': unknown

How I can resolve this issue ?

Thanks in advance,

The sub fiile:
## Executable
executable              = ./sdfgen.sh
universe                = docker
docker_image            = dani_tensorflow:v_01

## Logs
log                     = out/sdfgen.$(Process).log
output                  = out/sdfgen.$(Process).stdout
error                   = out/sdfgen.$(Process).stderr

## File transfer
transfer_executable     = true
should_transfer_files   = Yes
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
line = $(Row)+1

transfer_output_files   = output.out
transfer_output_remaps  = "output.out=out/output$INT(line).out"

## Resources requested
request_cpus            = 1
request_GPUs            = 1
Requirements            = (ResourceType == "Dedicated") && (regexp(".*dani_tensorflow.*",LocallyAvailableDockerImages))

## Submit command
queue transfer_input_files,arguments from [0:3:1] ./filelist

The filelist file:

a, a 14.3 4
b, b 2.3 3
c, c 23.4 1

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