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[HTCondor-users] DAGman VARS uses -append, bypassing submit conditionals

While working on a DAGman workflow to accelerate FPGA layout optimization, I came across an interesting issue.

Since there's only a handful of differences between different stages of the workflow, I set up a list of "if / endif" conditionals thinking that I could use a DAGman VARS statement to choose the right mode of operation of the shared submit description file.

However, DAGman appears to be set up to use the "-append" option for its "condor_submit" calls, which means that "MODE=1" is not set until after all of the if/endif statements have already been evaluated, and since the parser does only one pass on conditionals - as you would expect - the "-append" option means that DAGman VARS can't be used to control submit conditionals.

Is there a way to prepend VARS at submit time? If not, can we consider this a feature request?

I got around it by using a collection of stub submit files which set the MODE and then include the common submit, but it'd be nice to have one file instead of seven.

Michael V. Pelletier
Information Technology
Digital Transformation & Innovation
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Raytheon Company