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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor HoldReason: Unspecified gridmanager error

Dear all,

More details regarding the problem with HTCondor is the fact that the jobs
are killed with signal 9:

failure: "LRMS error: (-1) ExitReason: died on signal 9 (Killed)."

You can find attached the ShadowLog and StarterLog content of a job.


> Dear all,
> I have a cluster dedicated to ATLAS experiment. It's a ARC-CE configured
> with HTCondor+Docker.
> It configured to run single core jobs and multi-core jobs.
> For couple of days I see that for nost of the single core jobs I got this
> error message:
> The worker was cancelled while the job was starting : Condor HoldReason:
> Unspecified gridmanager error ; Worker canceled by harvester due to held
> too long or not found
> Have any one any idea?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mihai
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