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Re: [HTCondor-users] Submitting ABAQUS jobs to HTCondor cluster

On 4/19/19 2:17 AM, Kodanda Ram Mangipudi wrote:

However, when an ABAQUS job is submitted, we get an error in the *.err file "ABAQUS Error: Launcher executable "condor_exec.exe" has not been found." Our submit script is pasted below.Â

What is the correct way to submit an abaqus job to condor?

HTCondor renames the executable to "condor_exec.exe", which sometimes causes problems for programs which look at their argv[0].

I suspect this is the problem here with Abaqus.ÂÂÂ Try writing a small shell wrapper called runAbaqus.sh that looks like


exec abaqus "$@"

and then change the Executable line of your submit file to

Executable = runAbaqus.sh

and add the /opt/ABAQUS/Command/abaqus file to your transfer_input_files list.


We have ssh-askpass installed; two-way password-less login is enabled between master and compute nodes.

+++++ Job script ++++++++++++++++++++++
Âuniverse = vanilla
 Executable Â= /opt/ABAQUS/Commands/abaqus
 arguments  = cpus=4 job=res input=uniÂ
 Log     = test.log                         ÂÂ
 Output   Â= test.out
 error    = test.err
 request_cpus = 4
 should_transfer_files = YES
 transfer_input_files = uni.inp
 transfer_executable = false
 when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT

Best regards,


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