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[HTCondor-users] Submitting ABAQUS jobs to HTCondor cluster


We have recently started using HTCondor and built a cluster. We are having problem in submitting ABAQUS jobs.

We are able run single and multicore jobs from user compiled codes, COMSOL, MATLAB, lammps, vasp etc. ABAQUS works normally on all the machines when started outside condor.

However, when an ABAQUS job is submitted, we get an error in the *.err file "ABAQUS Error: Launcher executable "condor_exec.exe" has not been found." Our submit script is pasted below.Â

What is the correct way to submit an abaqus job to condor?

We have ssh-askpass installed; two-way password-less login is enabled between master and compute nodes.

+++++ Job script ++++++++++++++++++++++
Âuniverse = vanilla
 Executable Â= /opt/ABAQUS/Commands/abaqus
 arguments  = cpus=4 job=res input=uniÂ
 Log     = test.log                         ÂÂ
 Output   Â= test.out
 error    = test.err
 request_cpus = 4
 should_transfer_files = YES
 transfer_input_files = uni.inp
 transfer_executable = false
 when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT

Best regards,