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Re: [HTCondor-users] Difference between condor_config and condor_config.local

condor_config is the root configuration file for HTCondor daemons and for tools.

If you read it you will see that it refers to condor_config.local,


LOCAL_CONFIG_FILE = $(LOCAL_DIR)\condor_config.local


The statement above causes condor_config.local to be included in the HTCondor configuration.


You should change the HTCondor configuration of your Windows by editing either of these

files, but we recommend that you leave condor_config alone, and edit condor_config.local

when you want to change the HTCondor configuration.


HTCondor will also read configuration files from a directory called \Condor\config because of this line:




But the HTCondor installer does not create this directory, you will have to create it yourself if you want to use a config directory.





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Dear HTCondor users,


   Installing HTCondor in a windows machine, a folder named "condor" in the root directory is created. In that folder, there are two files name "condor_config" the first and "condor_config.local" the second.  I would like to ask what is the difference between them? 


  Thank you a lot in a advance,