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Re: [HTCondor-users] Docker image with HT Condor

On 4/25/19 7:28 AM, Alexander Prokhorov wrote:
Dear Colleagues,

Do you know if there are nicely cooked Docker images with HT Condor? I would like to prepare 3 images for my deployments:
  • Submit host.
  • Main.
  • Worker.

The HTCondor team doesn't officially provide Docker images today. Especially for the worker nodes, but to a lesser extent the submit node, you probably care a lot about the contents of the underlying image: Do you want a rhel-style base image? Or a Debian one? Or maybe something else? On top of that, many users expect a fair amount of custom software pre-installed in their images, maybe a python numpy stack, or R or other large software systems.

Perhaps the best thing we could do is to provide a nice recipe for a Dockerfile snippet that could be mixed onto another image.