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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor 8.8.4 and boost169-python2

On 2019/07/18 00:29, Tim Theisen wrote:
Sorry about the surprise. To get the python 3 bindings into the stable
release, we needed to use a newer version of boost. The quickest way to
do that leverages boost169 from EPEL. It was not possible to involve 2
different boost versions in a single build. So to use python2-condor or
python3-condor, you have the run-time dependency on boost169-python2 or
boost169-python3. I tried linking the boost libraries statically to
avoid this dependency. However, one cannot link the static boost
libraries into the dynamic python htcondor and classad libraries.

On RHEL7 and derivatives, boost169-python2 or boost169-python3 are
required to use the HTCondor python bindings.

It does have quite some repercussions as the EL rpms are no longer
installable in Fedora (except by trickery, and even
then, the python bindings are halfway broken).

So it would be nice if the packages provided for Fedora (currently
stuck at 8.6.11) could be updated.  Straightforward rebuilding of
the source rpm does not work though...

Greetings, B.