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Re: [HTCondor-users] HTCondor 8.8.4 and boost169-python2

Hello Bert,

I am working on getting 8.8.4 into Fedora. I anticipate that it will be
available next week.


On 7/18/19 2:50 AM, Bert DeKnuydt wrote:
> On 2019/07/18 00:29, Tim Theisen wrote:
>> Sorry about the surprise. To get the python 3 bindings into the stable
>> release, we needed to use a newer version of boost. The quickest way to
>> do that leverages boost169 from EPEL. It was not possible to involve 2
>> different boost versions in a single build. So to use python2-condor or
>> python3-condor, you have the run-time dependency on boost169-python2 or
>> boost169-python3. I tried linking the boost libraries statically to
>> avoid this dependency. However, one cannot link the static boost
>> libraries into the dynamic python htcondor and classad libraries.
>> On RHEL7 and derivatives, boost169-python2 or boost169-python3 are
>> required to use the HTCondor python bindings.
> It does have quite some repercussions as the EL rpms are no longer
> installable in Fedora (except by trickery, and even
> then, the python bindings are halfway broken).
> So it would be nice if the packages provided for Fedora (currently
> stuck at 8.6.11) could be updated. Straightforward rebuilding of
> the source rpm does not work though...
> Greetings, B.
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