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[HTCondor-users] Accounting group queries

Hello Experts,

I have some questions related to accounting groups in HTCondor. I read the official documentations also gone through some PPT.

No accounting groups are configured in our pool atm.

- Submitted one job without specifying accountingroup in submit file and another job using accountingroup "vikrant" in submit file. It created another entry with highest priority (lowest effective priority) that means user can cheat on priority by using different accounting group in their submit file which doesn't look good.

$ condor_userprio Â| grep -i vaggarwal
vikrant.vaggarwal@xxxxxxxx      Â502.92  1000.00   Â1     0.20   Â<now>
vaggarwal@xxxxxxxx          2542.40  1000.00   Â3    224.23   Â<now>

- Submitted job using "vikrant" accounting group with another user, it created another user again with lowest priority.

$ condor_userprio Â| grep -i vikrant
vikrant.psingh@xxxxxxxx        500.00  1000.00   Â0     0.00  Â0+00:00
vikrant.vaggarwal@xxxxxxxx      Â504.56  1000.00   Â1     0.32   Â<now>

Checking the negotiator logs helped me to confirm that it's treating all as users only but still it's breach of trust. I don't think following statement applies in this case:

"Multiple users can all submit jobs into the same accounting group, and all jobs with the same accounting group will be treated with the same priority. Jobs that do specify an accounting group have all accounting and priority based on the specified accounting group. "

- On another hand, we want to give some users the freedom to use accounting group in submit file.


- How can we limit the use of accounting group in submit file?
- I want some users to keep using the accounting groups, is adding list of allowed accounting group in GROUP_NAMES on master node should be sufficient to impose limit on the name of accounting groups which teams can use? if not then which approach we should follow? I don't want to set any limit on accounting groups atm.
- In future, if we tried to set the limit on accounting group and also have users without accounting groups; how negotiator decide on priority? Will it compare the effective priority of user using accountgroup with user without accounting group irrespective of accountinggroup quota.

Above use case is mainly for billing purpose and for understanding the working of accounting groups.Â