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[HTCondor-users] min memory without request_memory defined

i want to assign a minimum amount of memory that all jobs get when no
requestmemory classad is added to the submit file.

by default i see the classad gets set to

RequestMemory = ifthenelse(MemoryUsage =!=
undefined,MemoryUsage,(ImageSize + 1023 ) / 1024)

after the job starts, but in my case, the job is sort lived and
Imagesize gets set to 1.  therefore if a job (python script in this
case) uses more then 1MB of memory it gets put on hold.

I'd like to set it so the starting Request_Memory variable if it's
undefined is 1GB.  Ideally it would also be nice if i could ensure
that no job is submitted with less the 1GB specified.  yes, yes, i
know it's wasteful, but we have way more memory then slots on our
nodes and most people seem to use less then 1GB anyhow, so it

i have
modify_request_expr_requestmemory = quantize(requestmemory,{1024})

but i don't think it's doing what i think it's doing.  i can't recall
where i got that stanza from