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[HTCondor-users] Under what conditions, if any, is the initial directory of a Singularity job the scratch space?

I'm making my early forays into the Singularity world, and while I see that the execute directory is bound into the container by Condor, and TMPDIR and _CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR are set, I'm finding in my tests that the initial directory of the container is not set to that directory, and I haven't been able to suss out a combination of options in the submit description that will put it there. I wind up either in root or my bound home directory.

I've seen an example of the server-side config adding a Singularity binding of "$(EXECUTE):/condor" so that we have a priori knowledge of the scratch location, but is there a way to avoid this workaround?

Michael V. Pelletier
Information Technology
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Raytheon Company