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Re: [HTCondor-users] Resource Usage from non HTCondor Jobs

On 2019-06-28 00:56, Lachlan Palmer wrote:
whether the HTCondor pool measures/accounts for the resource usage
of a) our java applications launched in a fire and forget fashion
by HTCondor jobs,

I expect the real condor experts know more than me, but I should have thought not. Once the HTCondor job ends, that's it, I think - no more book keeping (it might be better if the script did not detach from its Java payload until the end.)

b) other applications not launched by HTCondor.

Again, as far as I know, I think HTCondor would have no simple way to do direct book keeping for that.

You can probably do things like have the machine sense its system load or memory usage and refuse to start jobs if necessary (see START expression) or put a requirement in the job to only match with machines that already have low load or plenty of free ram etc. But there would be nothing to stop these other applications continuing to start jobs after then.