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[HTCondor-users] transfer standard error and standard output for a removed job

Hello all,

We are using HTCondor 8.8.1 for Grid users successfully and nowadays we are working in open our pool to our local LDAP users.

Our local users are used to PBS where the standard output and standard error are transferred back to the submit machine even if the job has been removed. As far as I know, this is not the case in HTCondor, if you have WhenToTransferOutput="ON_EXIT" and you remove your job (or a PeriodicRemove _expression_ evaluate to true), you do not have the standard output and error files transferred back.Â

One solution is to advise users that before removing their jobs with condor_rm, do a condor_tail to check theirÂstandard error and standard output. However, what happens when a periodic_remove _expression_ evaluates to true?

I'm looking at the documentation and I don't know if the best solution is to create a HOOK_JOB_EXIT script that, once the job is removed, transfer the standard outputÂand error from the execute machine to the submit one.Â

Does someone has a similar situation and has found a solution?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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