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[HTCondor-users] CLAIM_WORKLIFE - a couple of questions


I do have a coupls - OK 2 questions about the CLAIM_WORKLIFE: 

- Is it possible to define the  CLAIM_WORKLIFe per slot as in: 'SLOT_TYPE_1_CLAIM_WORKLIFE = 60' ? 

- second = more complicated ;) 

We do have occasionally jobs that fail within a second or two on a specific workernode without being recognized as a failed job by htcondor. In this case the slot attracts hundreds more of these jobs of the user over the 20 minute period time that all fail. 

Hence it would be useful to zero the  CLAIM_WORKLIFE in case of job-failure (maybe this is the case already ?) and it would be equally useful to compute the CLAIM_WORKLIFE more individually/dynamic like '10 times the runtime of the first job- max 1200 sec' etc. I had a short look into the condor-toolbox but it seemed difficult to realize with ship's ressources ? 


Christoph Beyer
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