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[HTCondor-users] slot attributes/history for jupyter notebooks


for the interactive work we use htc slots with jupyter notebooks which is quite a successfull story so far. 

One problem though that comes up every now and then is that a slot that does for some reason not start the jupyter notebook gets the same request again at the second attempt of the user to start a notebook (and equally fails).

I am looking for something like a timeout feature as these restarts come within a couple of minutes it would be sufficient to tell the slot to take a 5 minute timeout. Even more accurate it would be to tell the slot to not accept jobs from the same user as the last job again this seems to be difficult to define with ship's ressources ? 

I do use a similar construction on the jobside with JobMachineAttrsHistoryLength and the requirement string in another context, is there a similar history feature on the slot side ? 


Christoph Beyer
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