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Re: [HTCondor-users] Memory leak in collectd in 8.8.5?

     	How many ads are in the collector?  If you pick a few at random,
   how long is their long (-l) form?

Is there a simple way to get that number:

	I was just thinking something like

	condor_status -const 'Name == slot1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' -l | wc --bytes

but for ~1000 ads, even at ~2500 lines each, we're just not talking all that much storage being required.

The config is a little overcomplicated at the moment as I'm in the middle of trying to simplify things with stuff I learned at the HTCondor Workshop. We recently enabled SSL authentication for the Daemons but haven't got around to disabling pool password and we're switching from hugely nested ifThenElse statements to Schedd transforms to set the AccountingGroup. I can try backing out of those changes if they're likely to be an issue but I think the first incident happened after I upgraded to 8.8.5 but before I made any other changes.

We've had problems with memory leaks in our SSL code, but we're not currently aware of any. It would be interesting to know what happens, if it's easy for you to temporarily switch back to just pool password.

- ToddM