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Re: [HTCondor-users] Python bindings

On 11/14/2019 3:29 PM, Martin Sajdl wrote:
> Hello All,
> is there an equivalent to command "condor_on -daemon startd" in python 
> bindings?
> I can use the following for stopping the startd daemon, but cannot find 
> an inverse command...
> import htcondor as htc
> local_master = htc.Collector().locate(htc.DaemonTypes.Master)
> htc.send_command(
>  Â Â Âlocal_master,
>  Â Â Âhtc.DaemonCommands.DaemonOffPeaceful,
>  Â Â Â'startd'
> )
> Thank you in advance,
> Masaj

Hi Masaj,

Thank you for reporting the above omission! Apologies for the hassle.

We the issue in the source code, to be released in HTCondor v8.8.7+ and 
HTCondor v8.9.5+ --- both are scheduled for release in December.

You can see the patch and additional details here:

If you want a pre-release of either of these patched versions, you could 
build HTCondor yourself from source, or you could grab the pre-built 
binaries from our continuous integration build/test farm.  The HTCondor 
v8.9.5 pre-release that includes the patch you want can be downloaded from

Pick the platform you want (Centos7, Debian 9, whatever), click on the 
"files" link right below the name of the platform desired, and then 
download file "results.tar.gz". Inside of that tarball you will find the 
HTCondor pre-release RPM (or DEB) and also a tarball.