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Re: [HTCondor-users] Directing daemon logs to the standard output streams (stdout, stderr)

On 10/3/19 7:08 AM, Alexander Prokhorov wrote:
Dear Colleagues,

We are deploying HT Condor nodes inside the Kubernetes cluster. We need to somehow make HT Condor daemons to output their logs directly to standard output streams (aka stdout and stderr). I checked the manual about logging and could not find an appropriate option. Can you please give me an advice how to achieve this?

Probably the best way is to set


in the condor config file, and all condor daemons will log to syslog, and I believe that Kubernetes has a syslog log driver to ingest these.

Otherwise, if you start the condor_master with the

condor_master -f -t

to start in the foreground and log to the terminal, all the condor_master log messages will go to stdout.