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[HTCondor-users] runtime vs persistent attributes

Hi everyone,


I am working on setting an attribute for enabling jobs to run on a startd node, so that the startd will not start jobs at boot time.


I understand that runtime only attributes will not survive a daemon restarting, but that persistent attributes will survive a daemon restarting.   It feels like I need something in between or is a restart or system reboot treated as more than just a daemon restart?


Does a persistent attribute survive an HTCondor restart (or a system rebooting meaning more than a reconfigure)?

By reading I would have guessed not, but the existence of a file for persistence implies that that file will be read with an initial start? If it does read that persistence file at an initial start, is there a way to turn that off so that it does not?  I want the attribute to return back to the default value with a full restart, but I would like the attribute to survive any internal startd restarts (master daemon saves) in between.




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