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Re: [HTCondor-users] runtime vs persistent attributes

On 10/8/2019 1:48 PM, Mary Romelfanger wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am working on setting an attribute for enabling jobs to run on a 
> startd node, so that the startd will not start jobs at boot time.

Hi Mary,

I am not sure I understand the policy goal you stated above.  Could you help me understand what it is you want to do (without any HTCondor specifics) ?    Do you want to be able to mark nodes as "I want to reboot this node", and have such marked nodes refuse to start new jobs?  Or do you want a node to refuse to run any new jobs after completing a reboot until it is remotely "turned on" ?

I will attempt to answer you detailed questions below, but it would really help me to help you if I better understood what your end goal is...

> I understand that runtime only attributes will not survive a daemon 
> restarting, but that persistent attributes will survive a daemon 
> restarting. Â 

That is correct, assuming you are talking about "condor_config_val -rset" versus "condor_config_val -set"

> It feels like I need something in between or is a restart 
> or system reboot treated as more than just a daemon restart?
> Does a persistent attribute survive an HTCondor restart (or a system 
> rebooting meaning more than a reconfigure)?

Yes, a persistent attribute (condor_config_val -set) survives an HTCondor restart.

> By reading I would have guessed not, but the existence of a file for 
> persistence implies that that file will be read with an initial start? 


> If it does read that persistence file at an initial start, is there a 
> way to turn that off so that it does not? I want the attribute to 
> return back to the default value with a full restart, but I would like 
> the attribute to survive any internal startd restarts (master daemon 
> saves) in between.

Perhaps a wrapper script around condor_master that does something like

   # Remove any persistent setting for startd config knob 'foo'
   # Then start the condor_master
   PERSIST_CONFIG_DIR=`condor_config_val persistent_config_dir 2> /dev/null`
   if (( $? == 0 )); then
        rm $PERSIST_CONFIG_DIR/.config.STARTD/foo
   exec /usr/sbin/condor_master $*

Warning! The above is off the top of my head... just something to think about, don't
cut-n-paste the above into production!

Hope the above helps,