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[HTCondor-users] Setting non-default VPC on AWS?

Is there anyway to set a non-default VPC for use with condor_annex?

Something like setting,
 ÂANNEX_DEFAULT_AWS_VPCID = vpc-123456abcdef0000

% condor_version
$CondorVersion: 8.9.3 Sep 16 2019 BuildID: 481344 PackageID: 8.9.3-1 $
$CondorPlatform: x86_64_RedHat7 $

% Âcondor_annex -setup
Creating configuration bucket (this takes less than a minute).. complete.
Creating Lambda functions (this takes about a minute).. complete.
Creating instance profile (this takes about two minutes).. complete.
Creating security group (this takes less than a minute)...
Stack creation failed with status 'DELETE_IN_PROGRESS'.

AWS CloudTrail shows:
"eventName": "CreateSecurityGroup",Â
"awsRegion": "us-west-2",Â
"sourceIPAddress": "cloudformation.amazonaws.com",Â
"userAgent": "cloudformation.amazonaws.com",Â
"errorCode": "Client.VPCIdNotSpecified",Â
"errorMessage": "No default VPC for this user",Â
"requestParameters": { "groupName": "HTCondorAnnex-SecurityGroup-SecurityGroup-OLGKASMAFIF1", "groupDescription": "Allow SSH and HTCondor from anywhere." },