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Re: [HTCondor-users] Setting non-default VPC on AWS?

Is there anyway to set a non-default VPC for use with condor_annex?

No, in part because condor_annex also doesn't allow you specify a VPC to use when you request an annex. If you don't have a default VPC because your account doesn't support it, you should be able to create a security group manually (allow port 22 and port 9618 from anywhere) and set ANNEX_DEFAULT_ODI_SECURITY_GROUP_IDS to that security group's ID. (I don't recall if annex sets the values for the other stacks if the security group creation fails; it will be tedious to write the config file if not.) If you don't have a default VPC because you deleted it, you can recreate the default VPC; see


for details.

Another option would be run condor_annex with the -region flag, and specify a region for which you do have a default VPC.

- ToddM