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[HTCondor-users] Use HTCondor to control hardware boards


I am new to HTCondor and couldn't get a good example for my use case, so asking here for help. It would be great if someone can answer these questions or point to a project which solves a similar problem.

I am looking to control multiple hardware boards of same kind, such as raspberry pi, from one or multiple computers. The setup should be like this: Each set of hardwareÂboards will have certain unique characteristics. Whenever a test is submitted with a given required characteristics, the hardware board should be selected by HTCondor based on its matching mechanism and once a match is found, the board should be rebooted, a firmware should be programmed and a test should be run on that board.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Based on my readings and understanding till now, I am thinking to configure each condor_startd daemon to be connected to each hardware, where the program running on that daemon programs the hardware and runs the test. I can make all the condor_startd daemons run on the same machine and each of the board can be connected by USB to that machine. If this is possible, please help me to figure out
1) How to run multiple condor_startd on the same machine?
2) How to tie each condor_startd to one USB connected hardware
3) How to define custom property for each condor_startd