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Re: [HTCondor-users] CPU Affinity in condor v8.9.1

On 10/17/19 11:39 AM, Shawn A Kwang wrote:
In Condor (v8.9.1) how do I assign CPU affinity to jobs on the compute
nodes with 24 cores? Let's say I want to limit condor to using 20 cores:
0-19, for users jobs. It should be noted: the cluster is using
partitionable slots.

Bigger picture: I wish to limit condors resources because the compute
nodes run alongside the ceph-osd daemons which I want to 'reserve' a
certain amount of RAM and CPU.


What I would do on this machine is set


in the htcondor config.

This will tell htcondor that it only has 20 cores to work with (but not which physical ones), and condor will only dole out 20 cores worth of work. With cgroups, if there is contention for all the cores on the system, the sum of the condor jobs shouldn't exceed 20 cores worth, but the kernel is free to pick which physical cores to use, leaving the rest for ceph or other system daemons.