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Re: [HTCondor-users] force certain type of jobs to run on an specific startd

Hey Jose,

For the hostname, you can use the "Machine" attribute that HTCondor automatically populates in the startd ad:

Requirements = ( other requirements ) && ( TARGET.Machine == "machine.you.want.edu" )

If this isn't a one-off, though, you should think about what's special about these machines and update their configs to advertise this property:


Then the requirements statement would look like:

Requirements = ( other requirements ) && ( TARGET.JOSES_SPECIAL_HOSTS )

Or if it's a consumable resource that HTCondor should be aware of, you can specify the number of these resources available on the machine:

MACHINE_RESOURCE_joses_resources = 8

And then your users can request an amount of these resources in their submit files:

request_joses_resources = 4

- Brian

On 4/17/20 6:55 AM, jcaballero.hep@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

this is just to confirm that, if I wanted to force from the schedd
which machine runs certain type of jobs (for example, for a given
user) it would be like this:

Requirements = ( other requirements ) && ( User == "the_user" &&

This assumes also that the startd host includes HOSTNAME in STARTD_ATTRS, right?

Any comment is more than welcome.
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