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[HTCondor-users] I need to change Job ownership in Python

Hi Folks, 

For security and to simplify the user management, we are using processing users in our condor pool, on which we map a standard user to a  proc-user. We are doing this using the "condor_mapfile". 

It means users that are working for several projects can configure the submit file with the corresponding proc-user by setting the variable "+Owner" in the submit file. This works for standard job submit!

We would like to keep this possibility even when the user submits from the IPython (docker container) on which we have developed our own API to interact with Condor.

It is possible to add this possibility to the HTCondor module of Python? Or some working around to set the ownership of the job?
We can hardcode the proc-user in the container because it is created on the fly in case it is needed.

Note: we have external users accessing our platform using just the IPyhton notebook and they don't have the possibility to ssh to the Submit node.  Furthermore, the IPython container is configured as a remote submit node and it is not in the same host of the schedd.