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[HTCondor-users] Virtual HTCondor Week 2020 is one month away

Hello everyone,

Our Virtual HTCondor Week 2020 event is one month away. Since we can't see you in person, we're preparing two days of online presentations, workshops and collaborative sessions to make the best of this difficult situation.

Tuesday May 19 will focus on presentations. Between 11am - 4pm CT we'll have a series of online presentations from both the internal HTCondor team as well as some of our collaborators. 

Wednesday May 20 will focus on collaboration. Between 11am - 4pm CT we'll host drop-in office hours, Ask-an-Expert meetings and discussion groups.

A detailed schedule will be announced by the end of April.

This is a free event and registration is optional. We still encourage interested people to register so we can reach you by email. More information on our website,


Stay healthy everyone,

The CHTC Team