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Re: [HTCondor-users] Putting MAX_JOBS_RUNNING limit for a user

On 12/8/2020 2:39 AM, ervikrant06@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello HTCondor Experts, 

MaxJobsRunning parameter is to put a limit on running jobs for all users. I want to use this parameter to keep different value for one user. I tried this _expression_ but it doesn't work. 

MAX_JOBS_RUNNING = ifthenelse(regexp("vaggarwal",owner),10,60000)

Not working seems to be expected as per the following output.

Hi Vikrant,

One quick idea comes to mind:

Starting with version 8.9.8 and above, HTCondor now supports setting an upper bound on the number of cores any individual user can be matched with pool-wide by the central manager.  This is called the submitter ceiling. The ceiling can be set with the condor_userprio -setceiling command line option.  See the man page for condor_userprio.