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Re: [HTCondor-users] How to get full pool usage

I possible reason is that there are partitionable slots that match your constraint.   partitionable slots will never enter the claimed state because they are resource holders, but not job runners.   To see if there are any partitionable slots, try this

condor_status -const 'Machine_Type==\"<non-OSG-Machine>\" && PartitionableSlot'


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Hi, all

I've installed an additional CE to take jobs from non-OSG VOs. Also many 
Machines dedicated for these VOs have been added to the pool.
So the output of

condor_status -constraint Machine_Type==\"<non-OSG-Machine>\"

shows only 50% of these (dedicated for non-OSG VO)slots being Claimed 
while at submit side there are about 1000 jobs waiting in the queue.
Point me please to possible reason of the situation.

Evgeniy Kuznetsov.
JINR Dubna.
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