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Re: [HTCondor-users] Which are the valid characters for "sock"?

Yes, dash is permitted. 

Looking at the sinful parser in condor_utils/condor_sinful.cpp

almost any character other than :?> is permitted before the ?

after the ? characters other than these will be encoded like in a URL

isalnum((unsigned char)ch) || ch == '.' || ch == '_' || ch == '-' || ch == ':' || ch == '#' || ch == '[' || ch == ']' || ch == '+'


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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Which are the valid characters for "sock"?

Hi everyone,
is is there a specification of the valid characters for the sock parameter in a sinful string? Are dashes (-) allowed?

I'm parsing the sinful string in a shell script and I was wondering which are the valid characters in the sock parameter, the one that distinguishes the daemons when using shared port.
Its value at times come from the user (e.g. -sock option when starting a collector).
I'm mainly interested on knowing if a "-", dash, is allowed or not, because if it is it would break my current parsing.
I did non find info in the documentation and in the source code I did not find use of it but I did not find any validation blocking it (maybe I did not check well enough)

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