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[HTCondor-users] Shared File System + HTCondor Linux + HTCondor Windows = â ?

Hello experts!

Thank you for your work!ÂI'm looking for a beautiful and simple solution for the following issue.

There are several submit nodes, several execute nodes and a cluster manager.ÂAll of them are located on Linux machines on the same network.ÂAnd, I use NFS (for example) to access files between these computers. Several isolated users submit their tasks to the cluster and calculations work fine.

Suppose I want to add an execute Windows machine to this network and connect it to the cluster with this shared file system.ÂI can manage these Windows (and Linux) nodes as I please: create users, install software, etc. I want to save the situation when I run a task from a user1, and only this user1 has access to the file.ÂI have a dozen users and they do not change. So, I just want to configure a Windows machine and continue to work the way I worked with Linux machines.ÂI want to avoid additional bindings for my jobs, such as transfer files, manage rights, etc.ÂIs it possible to do this? How can I achieve this?

Sincerely yours,
Ivan Ergunov                         mailto:hozblok@xxxxxxxxx