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Re: [HTCondor-users] CentOS Condor RPM installing condor_ssh_to_job_sshd_config_template in non-default location

On 2/28/2020 11:47 AM, Lee Damon wrote:

    Glad to hear that the RPM installed HTCondor correctly in your environment and it all is working, albeit with the help
    of a symlink.

Problem is, it's not working. The RPM puts the file in /usr/lib64 and drops a simlinkÂin /etc/condor but the default that ssh_to_job is looking for is /usr/lib.

Hi nomad,

I see.... Perhaps the problem is your installation's definition for LIB...

When installing the 8.8.6 RPM on Centos7, the default definition for LIB is indeed set to be /usr/lib64/condor. This is what I see after doing a fresh yum install of HTCondor v8.8.6:

# condor_config_val -v lib
LIB = /usr/lib64/condor
 # at: /etc/condor/condor_config, line 65
 # raw: LIB = $(RELEASE_DIR)/lib64/condor

However, in your earlier email, you said "condor_config_val LIB" returned /usr/lib. It seems like one of your local site config files is specifically overriding what the RPM setup.... Could you please run
"condor_config_val -v LIB" to confirm where this non-default value for LIB is coming from?

Like many packages, the assumption is the RPM sets up /etc/condor/condor_config with distro specific paths etc, and that sites only make site-specific changes by dropping files into /etc/condor/config.d....

Hope this helps,