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[HTCondor-users] check which job is running on a wn at specific time


this seems like an every-day-htc-admin-problem to me, so lateral brain in gear everyone :) 

When it comes to certain effects on a workernode I often would like to know if it is job related or not, hence I would like to check quickly which jobs were running on a host at a certain point in time. 

I know this sounds not spectacular but as you need to check active queue and history at the same time and get the timestamps right, maybe someone scripted somethin already to get a quick result ? 

As an option I thought about running 'condor_who >> /var/log/condor/who.log' every couple of minutes or so but I am uncertain if this would put too much load on the sched or collector as the condor_who command seems to run around quite a bit to gather it's statistic ... 


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