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Re: [HTCondor-users] cached result for advertise_startd


Quick note: The config on a machine running a Collector is often different than the config on an execute node.  For a couple examples, the DAEMON_LIST will include the COLLECTER and NEGOTIATOR, and there may be additional ALLOW_*settings, which might be the issue here in this case.  If you have the condor_config from before the upgrade that you were using on your collector machine, you might want to just put that back into place.  We put quite a bit of effort to making sure (when it is possible and reasonable) that config files will still work from one version of HTCondor to the next for an upgrade.

Now to your issue:

On your collector machine, run this command:
	condor_config_val -dump ALLOW

This will show the various authorization lists. Startds advertise to the collector, and the collector authorizes them if they are in the ALLOW_ADVERTISE_STARTD" setting.  Look at this on your collector and see if it looks like the StartD machine should be authorized.

If ALLOW_ADVERTISE_STARTD is not set, then look at ALLOW_DAEMON instead.

If you want to just copy and paste the output here I would be happy to take a look.

Also, if I understand what happened correctly, is possible that next time HTCondor restarts, you will not be running a collector or negotiator due to the DAEMON_LIST issue I mentioned above.  You can check that setting also with "condor_config_val DAEMON_LIST".

Please let me know what you find and if you have more questions.  Thank you.


ïOn 7/8/20, 5:31 AM, "HTCondor-users on behalf of Nagaraj Panyam" <htcondor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of pn@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


    What is the procedure to overcome issue as in the line below (from 
    CollectorLog on MC). I believe this is coming up because I had the node 
    execute wn02 to begin with, then reinstalled everything from scratch and 
    tried to join pool and I replicated entire /etc/condor  from a working 
    exec node.

    PERMISSION DENIED to condor_pool@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from host for command 0 (UPDATE_STARTD_AD), access level 
    ADVERTISE_STARTD: reason: cached result for ADVERTISE_STARTD; see first 
    case for the full reason

    Thanks for help!


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