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Re: [HTCondor-users] Defining CPU cores per slot

Hi Matt,

That's an interesting situation, since the default for HTCondor is to
define one slot per CPU, according to the NUM_CPUS variable.  It is
also possible that you have "partitionable slots" enabled, in which
case you get one big slot that will get subdivided when jobs come in,
according to what the jobs request.

You should check the values of the following config variables via
`condor_config_val -verbose <VARIABLE>`



On 7/17/20 5:13 AM, West Matthew wrote:
> Currently I have a pool where each workstation is listed as a single slot. Instinctively this feels like a sub-optimal use of resources but I don't know how to change the allocation of slots to be 1 core per slot. Are there any best practice recommendations for how to define slots on a pool?
> Cheers,
> Matt