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Re: [HTCondor-users] Defining CPU cores per slot

The default configuration for modern HTCondor is to set up partitionable slots. As each job comes in, the requested number of CPUs and megabytes are allocated to a dynamic slot in which the job runs. When it finishes, the slot’s resources are returned to the partitionable slot. If you run:


condor_status –af name slottype


… it will show you the slot names and types. The “slot1” is the partitionable slot, and slot1_1, slot1_2, etc. are the dynamic slots.




There’s a config setting to revert to the old behavior of one core per slot and evenly-divided memory, but I don’t recall what it is off the top of my head and the ReadTheDocs site is throwing a certificate error at my proxy at the moment so I can’t look it up. But it’s there.



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Currently I have a pool where each workstation is listed as a single slot. Instinctively this feels like a sub-optimal use of resources but I don't know how to change the allocation of slots to be 1 core per slot. Are there any best practice recommendations for how to define slots on a pool?