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[HTCondor-users] KERBEROS: creds_-> addresses == NULL

Hi all,

Finally got approval to move HTCondor onto our production network, and I guess in my test environment I did not capture as much of the configuration as I should have.

I am having two errors with Kerberos show up in my logs, one looks like: 
KERBEROS: creds_->addresses == NULL

After it successfully finds entries for both the client and server in the Keytab.

And another that says my mapfile is missing an = separator. However, I copied the form of my mapfile from the documentation, are there any additional rules surrounding spacing that I need to be aware of?

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, I am unable to share full logfiles on or off list, but I was wondering if someone more familiar with the source code could give me a little more information about what that first error means.

Thank you all,

Wesley Taylor â Cluster Manager
Numerica Corporation (www.numerica.us)
5042 Technology Parkway #100
Fort Collins, Colorado 80528
âï (970) 207 2233
ð wesley.taylor@xxxxxxxxxxx

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