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Re: [HTCondor-users] KERBEROS: creds_-> addresses == NULL


This may be difficult without log files but I'm looking at this part first:
>    Success................
>    KERBEROS: creds_->addresses == NULL

Are those message in that order, consecutively in the log, as part of the same authentication?  I understand you can't include IP addresses or hostnames.  Can you just replace them with X.X.X.X?  Keeping timestamps would be helpful as well.  Include a line or two before and after?

Is the client authenticating to a local daemon or a remote one?  Can you locally run 'klist' as a user and 'klist -k' as root and verify that there are credentials for both?

Second issue:
>    And another that says my mapfile is missing an = separator. However, I copied the form of my mapfile from the documentation, are there any additional rules surrounding spacing that I need to be aware of?

Is this in the CERTIFICATE_MAPFILE?  Can you point to the documentation that you started from?  You don't normally need any '=' signs in the CERTIFICATE_MAPFILE so I'm thinking maybe you are talking about the USER_MAPFILE?