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Re: [HTCondor-users] [External] - Re: Condor_master aborting because of FIPS mode

This may or may not help you, but for RHEL7 compatible systems I just have a
manually written yum config file like following that I put on one machine
(htcondorFIPS.repo) in /etc/yum.repos.d/:
name=HTCondor Stable fips RPM Repository for Redhat Enterprise Linux 7

Then I do a yum update to refresh all my repos, then I run:
"reposync /path/to/directory/with/lots/of/space" (you can also disable your
other repos first if you don't want to waste all the disk space with a
centos mirror)

Following that I use rsync to copy that directory
(/path/to/directory/with/lots/of/space) to my NFS Share where I keep all my
RHEL7 repos. 

Then I run "createrepo /path/to/htcondor/on/NFS/Share"

Then I can put the following htcondor.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ on all
the machines I want to install HTCondor on.

name=HTCondor Stable fips RPM Repository for Redhat Enterprise Linux 7

Then on the machines I want to install HTCondor on I run "yum clean all &&
yum update --nogpg && yum install condor --nogpg" (you can get around the
nogpg if you sign the repomd.xml with literally any gpg key, I am just
always too lazy to do so)

Personally I always have rotten luck with manually installing software from
tarball like you have, so that's how I do it with yum. I know that doesn't
answer your question, but if the goal is to get HTCondor FIPS installed and
working, I hope that helps!


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So I've finally had some time to get around to trying this. I downloaded
many of the 8.8.9 RPMs from your link and extracted the files from them.
After extraction I noticed that there /lib, /lib64, and /libexec
subdirectories under the "usr"  subdirectory. However, on the tarball from
the non-FIPS version that I initially began with, there were just /lib and
/libexec subdirectories. Anyway, I copied the files under the "usr"
subdirectory over to the NFS share location.

Before attempting to start condor_master I thought I'd give
condor_config_val a test to see if the config files were being located and
such. However, when I attempted to run condor_config_val it complained that
it couldn't find some shared libraries (libclassadd.so &
libcondor_utils_8_8_9.so). (I assume this would be true for most of the
other executables as well). I looked and these libraries are present under
the "NFS_path/condor-8.8.9_fips/lib64" directory. Comparing with the
non-FIPS layout, these libraries are located under the /lib subdirectory (in
the associated location where the tarball was extracted). If I do an ldd on
the non-FIPS executable, it seems to located these libraries with a path
something like "NFS_path/condor-8.8.9/bin/../lib/libclassadd.so". However,
on the corresponding FIPS executable, when I do an ldd, it simply is unable
to locate it. I'm guessing that is it trying to find in under /lib64 (or
/usr/lib64) relative to the system root directory and n!
 ot something like "NFS_path/condor-8.8.9_fips/bin/../lib64". (Note, I tried
making symbolic links for those files in lib64 to lib in this NFS location
but that didn't work.)

As a test, I set my LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to include
"NFS_path/condor-8.8.9_fips/lib64" and then was able to run
condor_config_val. I don't really want to do this as every user and root
would have to set this. I assume something could be done with
/etc/ld.so.conf but I assume I would have to do this on each system that is
added to the pool. Any other solutions? And, why does the non-FIPS version
from the tarball know to look in a lib directory this is relative to
executable location and the FIPS version does not?

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