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Re: [HTCondor-users] Using environment variables in CONDOR_CONFIG?

$ENV() can be used in a user’s personal config file,  ~/.condor/user_config


But for configuration variables that a daemon reads, you would need to somehow make sure that the environment variable was set

for the root user and the condor user, since the daemons read the configuration as root on startup, but as condor on reconfig.  We don’t normally try to do this, instead


We put machine specific configuration into a file with same name as the machine, put that file into /etc/hosts, and then add this to the top-level condor_config file




The contents of /etc/hosts is normally the same on all machines, but each machine will include only one file from the /etc/hosts directory into their configuration.




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Hi All!


I have a setup where I copy the HTCondor install to a user's machine for them, but would like to avoid using the install script if possible. Ideally I could use env vars such as $HOME in a template condor_config file which gets copied along with the install but I can't find a way to do this in the docs. Is condor_configure the right way to handle this, and if so, how do people handle updates to the config that need to be pushed out? Currently I am reinstalling each time, but that seems like overkill and takes a long time now that we are all using VPN and are WFH.


Thank you!