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Re: [HTCondor-users] Missing files in /tmp of a docker job

Hi Jacek,

I would assume, that /tmp in the container context is a bind-mount of
the job's scratch dir, i.e., that the '/tmp' with your files created
during build is not visible anymore. In general, I would assume, that
such tmp paths as /tmp or /var/tmp are in most container setups writable
and transient for a container instance and I would not use them as
storage path during build time or so.
I prefer to put my static files under /data (or /mnt/data etc.) as
non-FHS paths to avoid such collisions.


On 04/06/2020 00.47, Jacek Kominek via HTCondor-users wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently trying to get a docker image to run on our local cluster
> which is running HTCondor (v8.8.5, if that matters). As part of the
> dockerfile some files get ADDed into "/tmp" inside the container. If I
> just run it directly on my local machine - the files are sitting there
> all nice and dandy, but when I try to run this same very image as a
> condor job, the "/tmp" directory is empty, as is the ./tmp subdir in the
> condor scratch folder. If I change the dockerfile and move the files
> into "/opt" rather than "/tmp", the docker job works just fine and the
> files are there all good. I am not very particular about the "/tmp"
> location, but it got me wondering if there is something I am missing
> here and if this folder perhaps gets cleaned out by default and it
> should be avoided in docker jobs? Thank you for a clarification in this
> regard,
> Best Regards,
> -Jacek K.

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