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Re: [HTCondor-users] Problems using SHARED_PORT_PORT

On 6/18/2020 12:40 PM, Christopher Weaver wrote:

I am trying to configure a submit host for which the typical port 9618 cannot be opened, but as I understand from examining the logs on my central manager, I need to have a port open to allow the negotiator on the central manager to contact the schedd on the submit host. It seemed that setting SHARED_PORT_PORT to a port which I can open would solve this. However, I am having difficulty getting the shared port daemon to respect this setting.

Hi Chris,

I think you discovered a bug introduced back in HTCondor v8.4! Yes, you should just be able to set SHARED_PORT_PORT=xxx in this case, but it looks like the code has a bug when doing this and not also starting a collector. We will fix this in an upcoming v8.8.x release. In the meantime, we think you can work around this problem via configuration on your submit host as follows:

  # Make sure these settings are True, which is their default value
  # Just want a submit host here, this will set DAEMON_LIST appropriately.
  use ROLE: Submit
  # Need to listen on a non-standard port
  # Config work-around for a bug in HTCondor as of 6/19/2020 which prevents
  # redefinition of shared port when not also starting a collector.

The black-magic workaround in the above config snippet is the last line.  Once the bug is fixed you can
remove the last line from your config.  You can track progress on this bug at

Regards and hope the above helps,